Our Craftsmen

Designers & Makers of Fine Furniture
ROGER HOLMES has designed and made furniture since 1971. He trained in England in a workshop steeped in the English Arts and Crafts tradition, combining traditional techniques and contemporary designs. He has been an editor for Fine Woodworking magazine and has written extensively on furniture and furniture making. He is the author of The Woodworker’s Companion.
Ed Stibal ED STIBAL has a rich woodworking resume. Before joining RHW, he worked as an assistant with David Wiebe, a nationally known maker of violin-family instruments. For X years, Ed was the lead cabinetmaker at Bedient Pipe Organ Company, an internationally respected maker of tracker pipe organs (the kind that Bach played).
TODD ZNAMENACEK is a superb woodcarver. Trained as a sculptor at the Academy of Fine Art Prague, in the Czech Republic, Todd also worked at Bedient Pipe Organ, designing and carving embellishments on pipe shades and case work. While Todd contributes to all the projects in the shop, we try to keep him busy carving. He also undertakes private commissions.
Rob Krumel ROB KRUMEL came to RWH as an apprentice in 2009 and has worked his way up to journeyman status. He has a lifelong interest in woodworking and hopes to open his own shop some day.
Joseph Holmes JOSEPH HOLMES grew up surrounded by woodworking and has been an apprentice in the shop since 2010.
BEN HOLMES, like his brother Joseph, has been around a shop all his life. He is a valued shop assistant while pursuing college studies.

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